June 2, 2020: Tallyho Update

June 2, 2020

Hello Members,

As you may have heard, pools are starting to open around the country and within our region. We have guidelines from the federal and state governments and are awaiting additional guidelines from Montgomery County. On May 29, Councilman Elrich announced that pools will be part of Phase 2 openings. We anticipate additional regulations from Montgomery County and will determine an opening date based on both their guidance, as well as our own confidence that we have the necessary precautions in place and ready for our members. At this point, we ask that members read the update below, take a short member survey and pay their special operations fee if they haven’t done so already.

Operations and Dues

Thanks to those who have paid their $200 non-refundable operations fee. As a reminder, this is a special fee for 2020 as we didn’t want to charge full dues when we weren’t sure the pool could open. It was due June 1 and is required for all Bonded Members. If you do not pay the $200 fee, it will be held against your bond.

As a next step, once we know our open date, we will set pro-rated dues (the $200 fee will count toward this annual dues amount) for the rest of the season under the COVID-19 era guidelines. More information on the pro-rated fees and operations is forthcoming.

In order to use the pool you will have to pay the pro-rated balance in full. Associate Members can also join at this time. Email thmembership@gmail.com with questions.

What Summer 2020 Will Look Like

The Tallyho Board has worked hard with our pool management company to create ways to safely open our pool during COVID-19 for a 2020 season. It will look very different than what you’re used to, but we do want to continue to provide a pool to our members. To do so, we will follow the federal, state and county guidelines in addition to our own regulations to keep our members as safe as possible. We cannot do this without you and will need to work together as a community so everyone can enjoy some pool time this summer. We will expect your full cooperation and compliance with these necessary restrictions and rules.

We are asking that all members who wish to use the pool this summer follow all regulations and do the following:

  1. Be in good standing with dues and sign the waiver to acknowledge risk and release Tallyho Swim and Tennis Club of all liability.
  2. Know and follow the rules. CDC, Maryland State and Montgomery County rules could evolve as the COVID-19 situation evolves. Tallyho will post links with real time updates to all regulations and communicate changes to the rules and operating procedures on site via signage and through the staff. We await Montgomery County guidelines. We will update our rules online as necessary and the federal and state agency guidelines are available below for reference:
  3. Be patient, compliant and kind. This is uncharted territory for everyone involved. The Board wants to provide a pool for our members’ use this summer. For this to be a success, we need 100 percent compliance on social distancing and hygiene rules; as well as our own pool protocols, which includes following all staff directions.

As we continue to plan the season we ask members to read through Tallyho’s working rules (listed below) and take this short member survey by Monday, June 8th to help us finalize plans. Please note that the current set of working rules will evolve as local, state and federal agencies provide updates.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

The Tallyho Board


Working Operating Procedures and Member Rules for Tallyho Swim and Tennis Club Summer 2020 

(As June 1, 2020)


Please note the following rules are in lieu of/addition to the existing Tallyho Swim and Tennis Club rules posted online and at the pool and are specific to COVID-19 era regulations. These rules will evolve as local, state and federal agencies provide updates. 

Basic Rules

  • The pool capacity will be set at a TBD number. This is a formula driven by the square footage of our pool as well as our deck space. This is per the federal, state and county guidelines.
  • The baby pool is closed until further notice and cannot be accessed (this is per federal, state and county guidelines).
  • The diving board and slides are closed until further notice. The well will be open as a swim area within social distancing guidelines, but use of the diving board or slide are strictly prohibited and those will be marked as closed.
  • Members will be asked to schedule pool time online. (See schedule pool procedures and rules for more details.)
  • The allotted pool times are structured to accommodate the two main interests of members: lap swimming and general recreation time. (See schedule pool procedures and rules for more details.)
    • To accommodate the most members, to start, there will be lap swimming hours and recreation time hours. Unfortunately, simultaneous lap and recreational swimming will not work within social distancing and safety guidelines.
    • All lap swimming is capped at 1 swimmer per lane. Please stagger with other swimmers to start/end at opposite ends of the pool.
  • The main pool and tennis courts will be open to members. We are not scheduling tennis at this time and ask that members follow social distancing rules.
  • The basketball recreation area and volleyball court will be closed until further notice.
  • Members are to bring their own chairs and towels.
    • All chairs, benches, etc. are put away for the safety of our members under the pavilion.
    • Do not remove or touch these chairs. Only lifeguards will be able to touch furniture.
    • There will be ample umbrellas available at the pool.
  • There will be no shared equipment such as kickboards or noodles available. No noodles are allowed at the pool this summer from home. Lap swimmers will need to bring their own kickboards. Any personal items left at the pool will be discarded at the end of the day–there will be no “lost and found.”
  • There will be no food available at the pool. No use of grills and no delivery of food from restaurants. There will be no vending machines available. We ask that members bring any snacks or drinks necessary from home.
  • Bathroom use
    • No use of showers in the restrooms.  We are installing two shower heads at the foot baths (one near the cove area; one on the shallow end of the pool). The CDC recommends that pool patrons shower before entering the pool either at home or at the pool using one of these shower heads.
    • We are looking into additional bathroom spaces (e.g. portable toilets). If someone needs to use the restroom, please use social distancing guidelines. Children need to be supervised by an adult at all times.
    • There will be soap for handwashing in the bathrooms and we are trying to identify additional hygiene stations throughout the pool deck and area.
  • Members are expected to wear masks when not swimming.
    • Masks are required while waiting for entrance to the pool and exiting the pool and while speaking to any guards or other members. Any socialization with someone outside of your household requires social distancing guidelines and masks.
    • Do not wear masks in the pool. It is unsafe to try to swim with a mask.
  • Children under the age of 15 need to be accompanied by an adult at the pool. Adults will be scheduling the time and we expect an adult present to help guide minors through social distancing procedures.
  • Please park on the lower 2/3 of the lot. We will need to use the top of the lot to help with member check in and waiting for pool time.
  • Guards will need to have 6 foot area around their chairs and members are to keep that space clear at all times.

Scheduling Time and How to Arrive at the Pool 

  • Tallyho will expect members to sign up for time slots for pool use. Adult household members can register for one slot per day. To start, we are going to offer 45 minute lap swim slots and 1.5 hour family/recreational swim slots.  These allotted times are for in-water use. Per hygiene regulations, the pool staff needs 30 minutes between each slot to thoroughly clean common areas and adhere to social distancing guidelines between groups.
    • You must be paid and in good status to schedule time
    • Your time is for your household only
    • Members cannot bring other members’ children
    • There are no guests during this time
  • Members will be limited in terms of the number of reservations they can make per week so that all members who wish to use the pool will have a chance within the limited capacity. Further details will be available once we determine capacity and hours of operation.
  • The Tallyho deck will be organized into “pods,” or areas that are clearly designated as large enough for a family/household but a full square 6 feet from other areas. Each pod will have an umbrella and be designated by markers at the pool.

How to Check In/Find Your Area

  • The front office/entrance is closed to minimize traffic and keep a designated space for lifeguards.
  • Members are to check in at the front desk
    • We recommend arriving 15-30 minutes in advance of your time slot to maximize your time IN the pool.
    • Once members check in at the front desk they will be assigned a designated area of the pool.
    • Once checked in, we ask that members wait in designated spots along the sidewalk and parking lot for entry at their designated time.
    • ALL entry and exit to the pool will be through the side gate.
  • Once in the pool there will be clear paths on the deck to the designated areas. Please follow these to keep traffic in and out of the pool within social distancing guidelines.
  • Once your time is up, please leave your pod promptly in the same condition you found it. The lifeguards will wipe down umbrellas for the next family’s use. Bring all trash, towels, chairs, with you. You may rinse off at the pool within social distancing rules, but it is advisable to simply shower once home.
  • Parents need to help their children with social distancing. We recognize it will be exciting to see friends and be outside, but we need everyone to be cooperative and compliant with rules for this to be a success.