We are thrilled to have Akshay Ghandi to return as head coach. Akshay is a veteran Montgomery County Swim League coach with  experience in USA Swimming (PVS) coaching and other swimming. Swim team registration will open in April. Akshay will be joined by a talented and enthusiastic team of assistants. Please join us and have a blast with great friends, swim practices, exciting swim meets, pasta dinners, awesome social events, Firecracker Relays & pancake breakfast and so much more!  The Swim Team welcomes all Tallyho children aged 5-18 years who can swim a length of the pool.  Children who are unable to swim a length of the pool are welcome to join the Tallyho Pre-Team.  For more information, click below to visit the team’s site. For more information, visit https://www.tallyhoswimteam.org.


Tallyho’s tennis courts are member favorites! Starting in 2021, we’re looking to make the tennis community more accessible to players of all levels. Sign up to receive updates on tennis camps and lessons for all ages and more casual round-robin tournaments. After signing up for the interest list below you’ll also gain instructions to gain access to the courts.  We even have lights!

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