Updates for Rec Swim and Reservations

Hello Members,

First, Happy 4th of July! We hope that everyone who has gotten to the pool this week has enjoyed the experience. We appreciate all of the nice emails and suggestions. We know many of you really enjoyed lap-only swim; and we are taking this into consideration with our pool management company.

Tomorrow we start reservation-based “Recreation Swimming,” so we wanted to send out a few reminders and updates.

  • All swim time is reservation only. Once you are fully paid in the system, you can make reservations.
  • Recreation Swimming is five 90-minute slots per day, capped at 50 people per session. Each slot also has two designated 45-minute lap lanes, just for lap swimmers (in reservation system this is lap swim, 2 lanes drop down).
  • Please familiarize yourself and your children with the following Rec Swimming Reminders 2020 that highlight key expectations for recreational swimming. More of us will be using the pool at the same time within social distancing guidelines. We know we can do it well with your cooperation. The updated longer of list of rules can be found here, with some great updates for the family including open diving board and slide and guidance to arrive “on time” for maximum pool time.
  • Reservation Etiquette – so far the reservation system has worked well. We know it can get a little quirky, but keep trying in Chrome or Firefox. Every member must have a reservation to come to the pool and each membership account must list every family member who lives in your household for them to show up in a reservation.
    • Reservations open up 3 days in advance.
    • This Tuesday, July 7th, 11-12:30 we are designating as SENIOR (age 60+) only swim. The system cannot block by birthday, so we’re on an honor system here. Respect it. We will go in and cross-reference or cancel those who are not seniors for this one 90 minute session. Our pool management advised us to start with one session per week for segmented populations of our membership. We are assessing overall usage and determining ways for everyone to have some time at the pool in a way they feel comfortable. Stay patient with us.
    • Open slots? You may check daily in the morning for open reservations and use them. We want everyone to have the chance to come to the pool at least twice per week, but we don’t want empty slots either, so if it’s open the day-of, it’s open for the taking.
    • If you cannot keep your reservation, please cancel it so someone can use it – Ideally by the morning of your reservation. Reference How to Make or Cancel a Reservation for tips on making or canceling a reservation.
  • Finally, don’t forget to bring your 2020 Liability Release Waiver. Everyone is required to have on file. There are hard copies at the pool.

Thanks for your cooperation and support. We will see you at the pool – from a safe distance, of course!

The Tallyho Board