• Opening Details: We plan an on-time if not slightly early opening for 2021 between early and Mid-May. Exact date TBD with pool management company.
  • Dues: Dues will be online and sent out in the early spring.
  • Reservations: For summer 2021, you MUST have a reservation to come to the pool. There will be no exceptions and this will be through your online membership account.
  • Tallyho Covid-19 Operating Guidelines: We will work closely with pool management and the county health officials around guidelines current for opening day and as the summer progresses. We will announce details closer to that time but have a great plan and system in place from which to start given our 2020 experiences.
  • Swim Team: We will have a swim team for 2021 with support from MCSL. Exact details are forthcoming.
  • New Members: We are currently accepting new members. Contact us (thmembership@gmail.com) for details.

See the Membership Page for details.