white and multicolored beach ball

What our members are saying

“It’s our home away from home.
We love our Tallyho and Fox family!”
– Cheryl K. – Member since 2002

“It gets better every year – Tallyho is amazing!”
– Noah D. – Member since 1998

“We drive past eight pools to get to Tallyho!”
– Ira A. – Member since 2008

“Why join a country club?  I love Tallyho!”
– Mitch B. – Member since 2004

“Tallyho has been a very special place for us.  We’ve enjoyed the pool, the tennis and basketball courts, the swim team, and especially the people.  We have a daughter who has Down Syndrome.  She learned to swim at Tallyho and was fully accepted as a member of the swim team.  She swam all 4 strokes and finished last in every event.  In the longer races she usually was a full lap behind the other swimmers.  Her teammates and many of the adults lined the pool cheering her on in every event.  Inspirational”
– Joe P.  – Member since 1969